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What We do


We innovate

When it comes to waste, we innovate and do not import, we are passionate about recycling and preserving the environment, and our culture is based on enthusiasm, innovation and the search for new, and according to the National Center for Waste Management (Mawan), the volume of waste in the Kingdom is 35 million tons, which makes us focus on providing environmental solutions that suit our needs.


Reduce waste

We reduce waste on recycling companies by selling sorted waste to them, so they do not have to buy waste, sort and clean it through expensive sorting stations and other complex and lengthy processes.


We Partner

In order to do our job to the fullest, we must partner with the owners of residential and commercial complexes to put the recycling machine in suitable places that help people sort waste and preserve the environment, and in return we pay a monthly percentage to the owners of residential and commercial complexes.

Why Choose Me

We should work together

in a short time

Get waste sorted from machines directly through a smart app

Sorted waste for sale

Get raw waste ready to sell and use

Increase productivity

Reduce sorting costs at source and use this machine to increase productivity

For a sustainable world

Mafrez Machine

We called this machine (Mafrez) and it is our prototype towards a sustainable world and an environment free of zero neutrality, and this machine is equipped with the Internet of Things and its function is to help sort waste from the source.

he holds a certificate from

the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property

We were issued by the Authority with an industrial model certificate No: SA104188 and on: 09/07/2023


notification before the machine is full.

Maintenance and remote work

Proactive maintenance and remote work.

Use mobile

Opening the door of the machine to dump waste using the mobile.

Collect data

Collect data in real time for predictive analytics.

Most used waste

Knowing the most used and dumped waste by region and time.

Instantaneous information

Provide real-time information on the capacity, fullness and location of the recycling machine Instant.

Let's change the world towards a sustainable circular economy

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